Random Act of Kindness Day

Today is “Random Acts of Kindness” Day – a day to simply be more mindful of being kind. This is a day to add an extra hop in someone’s step, or widen their smile with a small random act of kindness.

Whether it’s a compliment to someone in the elevator, an offer to pay for the person’s coffee behind you in the drive-through, or a simple ‘have a good day’ – any small act can go a long way.

It’s been said tirelessly: you never know what silent battle people are facing, so any seemingly unexpected gesture of kindness or generosity can make a lasting impact.

The other day I attended a networking event and had a very uplifting conversation with an attendee. She had won one of the prizes given away during a draw at the event and we started chatting about how a person can help manifest more positive outcomes for themselves in their daily lives.

And it all starts from within.

While we are not in control of what might be around the corner for us in life, we do have control over how we handle something and our overall perception of a situation.

She reiterated the importance of amplifying the things we often take for granted. For example, if you had a smooth drive into work when normally it’s a congested chaos, be extra thankful for that. If your coffee tasted better than it normally does, be extra thankful for that. If even a hint of sun is out after prolonged days of gray, be extra thankful for that.

No matter what you might be dealing with, what weight might be on your shoulders, having a subtle perception of optimism in the smallest things can help in attracting more positive energy and lead to a greater sense of peace and joy.

I was humbled by this conversation and wanted to spread the inspiration.

This philosophy can also be applied to the business world. When pitching your company to a prospect, don’t think “oh how will we cut through the competition?” Instead look at it as, “how can we set ourselves apart and shine”? The difference in tone speaks for itself.

So on this Random Act of Kindness Day, let’s collectively lift each other up in love and light.

Peace and Blessings,


Do you have an interesting story about paying it forward? Please share in the comments.


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