Happy Ladies Day

Today we took a moment to celebrate all the beautiful women on our planet, past and present. I just wanted to take a minute to reiterate how important it is to continue to support each other, love each other and encourage each other to grow as strong, confident, and independent women. Take care of each … More Happy Ladies Day


Passing the Baton As the Blogger Love Grows

I can’t thank my blogger family enough for the ongoing love and support over the last two years. It’s been quite the humbling journey. I’d like to extend a special shout out to Anthony from Today’s Perfect Moment  for nominating my blog for the Liebster Award. Thank you so much for the continued recognition. I am … More Passing the Baton As the Blogger Love Grows

Forgive But Don’t Relive

True friendships are hard to come by but the real authentic ones are uncomplicated, the ones where you really don’t need to try all that hard and that person is still there for you. It’s when an extended period of time passes, and neither party holds it against you – instead they understand that life … More Forgive But Don’t Relive

Embrace Each Year and Its Blessings

Yesterday, December 27,  was my 35th birthday. It was a lovely day filled with messages of love, warmth and support from all over. I have a renewed appreciation for life as each year comes and goes and am embracing my mid-thirties with grace and ambition as I continue to strive for more and continue to … More Embrace Each Year and Its Blessings