Curbing the End-of-August Blues

Well, there you have it. The days are slowly getting shorter, the air is getting cooler, the morning smell of blooming ragweed indicating the start of allergy season can all only mean one thing: the end of summer is officially imminent. There is always a somewhat melancholy feeling about this time of the year. It’s … More Curbing the End-of-August Blues


The Power of Kindness

So my recent feel-good moment happened the other day when the cleaning lady for the office came by to do her regular evening maintenance. She is a very sweet lady and always greets everyone warmly. We had had a team meeting earlier that day and had some leftovers that were better off being taken home … More The Power of Kindness

The Power of Positive Thinking

As is usually the case in the month of May, the weather seems to go through regular episodes of bi-polar disorder. The Victoria Day long weekend has traditionally been known to be chronically gray and drab, though we were blessed with gorgeous weather yesterday – it was sunny, warm and beautiful, but then today, it … More The Power of Positive Thinking

Dear Evan Hansen – A Desperate Quest for Acceptance

A misunderstanding created a whole new life – a life that he so desperately yearned for. But at what cost? That was the center of Dear Evan Hansen – a Tony Award-winning musical that made it’s Canadian debut in March 2019. I had the pleasure of viewing it this past week at the Royal Alexandra … More Dear Evan Hansen – A Desperate Quest for Acceptance