May the Beauty of the Season Shine Through the Darkness

It’s been a somber few days this week. I had to attend the funeral of a child that recently passed away. We know death is a part of life. I’m sure we have all given ourselves that same pep talk over and over – but it is so much more difficult to comprehend when it’s the loss of a child. You don’t have to be a parent to feel that deep sense of pain and sorrow when an innocent child passes. May he rest in eternal peace and be surrounded by the blessings of God and light of Paradise.

For the last several weeks, it has generally felt as if the community has been blanketed with a dark cloud of negativity. So many tragic deaths have been reported and we have sadly already surpassed a 1991 record of 89 reported homicides this year.

It’s been hard at times to not let the funk get to you. You can be as positive and strong as you want, but you are human at the end of the day, and it can get very overwhelming. Dwelling is your worst enemy. The more you do it, the longer you’ll be caught in a never-ending cycle of doom and gloom.

That is why perspective is everything, and sometimes you need to remind yourself that you are in control of how long you choose to remain in a certain way.

So I am choosing to look at the beauty and comfort of the holiday season. This time of the year just has a natural way of uplifting the general mood and atmosphere – whether you celebrate Christmas or not.

I am praying that those that have suffered the immeasurable loss of a loved one can find the peace and strength to move forward.

Here’s to the continued spread of some much-needed positivity, love, light and peace.

God Bless.



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