December Feels – Embrace the Journey, Not the Calendar

Crisp lake on a snowy, wintry, December morning.
Image: c/o Wallpaper Cave

Wow, it’s already December 1st – signalling the winding down of yet another year.

As each year comes and goes, I look at the whole cycle as simply, continuous evolution. No more of this, oh let me think about what my new year’s resolution is going be so that I can break it before the end of January.

In hindsight, though well-intentioned, that mentality seems more and more artificial to me as the years goes by. It’s like we are trained by the media and society, in general, to think along the lines of resolutions as ‘new beginnings’, that it almost becomes a ‘start and stop’ dynamic rather than a fluid, consistent continuum of wellness and positivity that simply carries over into the next year. Does that make sense?

It’s nice and uplifting to look at the beginning of a calendar year as a second chance at a fresh start, but don’t lose sight of how far you have already come along in your personal journey – let the new year help you continue to progress on that journey rather than derail it with the pre-conceived notion of having to hit the reset button come Jan.1.

Just keep evolving, keep growing without putting too much emphasis setting resolutions.

As we look ahead to 2019, here’s to continued peace, mutual love, respect and understanding of one another, and the never-ending circulation of positive vibes all around.


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