Too Many Zooz – Raw Talent at its Best

Three musicians performing onstage
Too Many Zooz Performing in Toronto

I recently saw the group Too Many Zooz perform in Toronto at the Pheonix Concert Theatre and it was one of the most incredible shows ever. I was fortunate enough to get a spot right near the stage which made the experience even more memorable.

Too Many Zooz is a New York City-based group including drummer David Parks aka the “King of Sludge” trumpeter, Matt Doe and accomplished baritone saxophonist, Leo Pellegrino commonly known as simply Leo P.

The group formed in 2013 after Leo and Matt Doe met while studying at the Manhattan School of Music and connected with David through the industry. Together, they began playing in various New York City subway stations including the famous Union Square. They initially gained popularity when a passerby (who probably missed their train) stopped to take a video of the trio and then posted it on Youtube. Once the video went viral, the rest was history.

I was hooked the moment I saw these guys perform in that very video that catapulted them into stardom. They have redefined music, in my opinion, with their unique and vibrant style, including the birth of the self-proclaimed genre of “brass house”. The soulfulness and jazzy vibes of many of their tracks give it that “New Orleans” feel.

Too Many Zooz playing in the subway
Too Many Zooz performing in New York

Saxophonist, Leo P is essentially the “Beyonce” of the group. Clearly shining in his own limelight, Leo’s insatiable talent on the sax was evident throughout the entire night. Couple his raw talent with subtle-yet-at-times-obvious sex appeal, Leo was quite the treat for much of the crowd. Throw in his unique style and swag and creative dancing skills, Leo certainly knew how to get a crowd going giving a refreshing and quite the entertaining performance.

Musician playing the saxophone onstage
Leo P of Too Many Zooz Performing in Toronto

The group has previously released several EPs and has a full-length album out called Subway Gawdz that is available on major streaming and downloading sites.

Leo P is also releasing his own debut EP called Sax Star Suite Part 1 on April 17. I’m sure this will be a great album as Leo P’s standalone talent is untouchable. Check out his exceptional performance on this 2017 BBC special:

Keep an eye out for this incredibly talented trio. I sure hope they will make it back to Toronto very soon. If you missed out this time, be sure to follow their social media pages to get the latest info on future tour dates and watch so many more of their amazing videos.

I’ll leave you with this incredible solo from Leo at one point during the show.

I used to play the saxophone in elementary school – and without tooting my own horn – I wasn’t half bad. This group reminded me of how much I loved it and has inspired me to hopefully one day get back into a hobby long put to bed but never forgotten.

Too Many Zooz, keep up the great work. You guys are all insanely talented and just plain awesome!


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