Positive Vibes Come in Many Forms


So this ‘feel good’ moment happened yesterday: a colleague of mine was in the office and I could sense something being off by his demeanor. Of course, I didn’t pry but I then overheard a conversation on the phone and then something about a problem they were facing. (It was hard not to eavesdrop since they were sitting right beside me).

Once they were off the phone, I naturally felt an urge to ask strictly out of concern, so I politely asked if everything was okay and they said that things, in fact, weren’t okay and that something rather unpleasant was going on. He then muttered ‘this too shall pass‘ which I find is the universal line many say when they are faced with a tough situation. I hold that saying in high regard myself because it sort of says that if you try not to dwell on what is bothering you and keep a positive and normal front, all will eventually be okay soon enough. Easier said than done at times, of course, but it can certainly help keep you on track.

Anyways, I could sense that he didn’t really want to get the details of what was going on, which I respected, of course, but the anxiety and worry were so obviously written all over his face that I really felt for him. I was compelled to do something, however small it might be, to help brighten up his day, so I decided to give him one of our company gift bags with a bunch of goodies inside (we have a ton of them). He immediately lit up and I could tell that some of the tension had been lifted, even if it was for a moment.

While it was a minor thing, I felt good about doing something nice for someone who was going through a rough time. I didn’t have to know what was going – that isn’t the point. It’s really about making someone else’s day a bit better and putting a smile on their face. That’s what counts. Positive vibes in any form, are contagious and the supply is endless, so a kind gesture, however small it might be, will go a long way.

And that was my feel-good moment of the day.


2 thoughts on “Positive Vibes Come in Many Forms

  1. I like that you did something. Too often people don’t do anything because they fear overstepping their bounds–but sometimes we need to break through and offer support to people.


    1. Totally agree. It won’t always make sense to go the extra mile, but that’s where it depends on your feeling of the situation. 🙂


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