Live Less Out of Habit and More Out of Intent

Sign that says "Changes: Next Exit"

I found out earlier this week that another site that I have blogged for in the past ( will be shutting down in the coming days. I was saddened to hear this for obvious reasons – not just because I have contributed, but also because it had been a key source of my own daily inspiration for a long time now. The site has been a healthy dose of traffic since it’s launch and had seemingly grown in popularity for its recurring themes of kindness, happiness and positivity.

However, the announcement did remind me of how change is good, refreshing, and sometimes inevitable.

The founder of the site started out on a mission three years ago and now that mission will take on a new path in a different form. If we fall victim to comfort and familiarity, we could potentially be missing out on so much more that could be out there for us. I have an extension on my Google Chrome browser that displays an inspirational quote everyday and recently, it published one that really resonated:

At any given time in life, you have two options: You can step back into safety or step forward into growth.

I remind myself of this practically everyday when I feel the going getting too rough or life’s woes becoming a bit much. Living with intent is the driving force behind this. You can either flounder or flourish and the latter always wins. Never forget that.

I spoke with the founder and they were at peace with the decision because the timing was just right. When you know, you know. And that is important to remember when embarking on a change like this; remind yourself of the lasting impact that you have left on those that had the pleasure of being a part of your journey. It’s about the satisfied feeling of knowing that you have transformed people’s lives in a positive way.

That said, I wish the founder of the site and everyone who has contributed in some way, all the very best. May this change open up a whole new set of doors with endless possibilities for everyone that had the pleasure of enjoying the content.  I will re-post the articles I have published there on my own blog in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

God Bless.


4 thoughts on “Live Less Out of Habit and More Out of Intent

  1. Just recently I found out that one of my acquaintances struggles with anxiety from time to time. If you see her posts on social media, etc., you would never have guessed it.
    Seems much like the statistic that says many comedians struggle with depression. How odd when these are the very entertainers you go to when you need a good laugh or cheering up. I’m sorry.. I digress.

    Anyway I came to the conclusion that many people feel anxious simply because they don’t like change. I love the quote. Very apt for this article.


    1. Yes agree – you never know what someone is going through behind that smile. Thank you for your comments.


  2. Awww.. change is good. I’m currently going through a period of change with my career. It is tough but I’m keeping in mind that it will open new doors and staying positive. Great read hun 🙂


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