A Warm Reminder That Age Has No Boundary

Source: thestar.com

I came across an article today in the paper that really warmed my heart.

About 300 residents at the Baycrest Apotex Centre, a local nursing home in Toronto, were given the opportunity to celebrate their prom, decades later, because they were confined to concentration camps during the period of the Holocaust and World War 2.

I was so humbled by this because it was such a nice way to lift the patients’ spirits. The facility already does a wonderful job at taking care of its patients, but having the prom just catapulted them to another level. Seeing the genuine joy and smiles on their face illustrates how beautifully the organizers managed to restore a part of their youth that they had been so unfairly deprived of.¬†One patient, who at 92, was finally able to attend prom thanks to this event,¬†described the nursing home as being ‘heaven’. Truly heart-warming.

This article was a nice reminder that no matter what age you are, when there is a will, there is always a chance to relive your childhood and stay young at heart.

Have a look at the beautiful story here.

Great job, Baycrest!



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