Out with the Old and in With the…Old?

Collage of old shows and sitcoms

The past does not always come back to haunt you.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, you’ve probably heard about the new trend emerging where old hit sitcoms are being brought back from the grave. From Fuller House to American Idol and the latest announcement being the revival of hit show Roseanne in 2018.

If I may sidetrack for a second, I am very skeptical about American Idol returning – not so much because it’s only been off the air for a year,  but more so because I feel that the show is going to face the same issues it did as its popularity declined in the years prior to its cancellation in 2016. Unless you bring back the original gang of judges: Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and the one and only Simon Cowell, I do not think it stands a chance of restoring the popularity it once had in the shows earlier run. Ryan Seacrest makes a great host, but without the support of the Original Three, it just doesn’t cut if for me. And of course with other singing competition shows like The Voice and The X Factor remaining steady in popularity, it remains to be seen where the revived Idol will fit.

But overall, this is an interesting phenomenon taking place in a world increasingly marred by negativity in all different forms.

Is this a new channel for peace and positivity where we are essentially turning to our past for comfort? This by no means is a bad thing. Being an adult in its simplest form is a challenge in and of itself, so I find the concept of reliving your childhood and relishing in the nostalgia quite humbling. After all, some of the best television in recent history aired throughout the ’80s and ’90s.

If this trend continues, it would be great to see a revival of the hit ’90s sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air though it would be bittersweet with the absence of “Uncle Phil” played James Avery who sadly passed away in 2013.

What’s your take on this latest trend in TV? Should the great shows of our childhood be left in the past when they were ‘in their prime’, or is there comfort and joy in taking the free trip down memory lane and re-connecting with our favourite characters so many years later?




5 thoughts on “Out with the Old and in With the…Old?

  1. I have so many thoughts on this, so this might ramble a little.
    First of all, this Is not the only time TV has dipped back into its recent past for new material. I remember when we had “The New WKRP” or the pile of Friends clones. This however, seems to be different. Perhaps because there is a different audience thanks to Netflix and other streaming services.
    There was a time when Network TV copied British TV (Three’s company, The Ropers, Sandford and Son). It seemed to work out for them then, though not so much later.
    I was never a fan of Idol, so it’s return doesn’t do anything for me. If I could bring back a show (with all the same characters) I would choose:
    Firefly (this is a no brainer…and negotiations are probably already happening)
    Some kind of Star Trek TV series (I am sure this is also being considered. The reboot has been done, so now we should get another TV series.)
    Alias (Not just because I want to see Jennifer Garner in a blue wig)
    ____Ink. I don’t really care what city it comes from, but Tattoos seem as popular as ever
    History Detectives. This PBS series was pretty awesome.
    I really need to think about this some more

    It does seem like TV is in a bit of a funk. Remaking Hawaii five Oh and the Odd couple…what’s next? Knight Rider?

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    1. Thank you so much for your feedback! Yes, you’re absolutely right, the trend of bringing back old shows is not new but it does take a renewed approach with the increase in popularity of on-demand television.

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  2. I’m actually quite excited to see the return of some of the old sitcoms. I enjoy the characters and what creators have developed them into (for example Corey as a teacher on Girl meets world). I like that my children can enjoy family shows that I enjoy and can identify with although my time with tv is limited.

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    1. That’s a great point! Your children have a chance to share in those mutual interests and sort of get a glimpse into how it was growing up for you. I personally love the return of some of my favourites too – I think we almost need that veil of nostalgia with all the negativity and chaos going on in this world.


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