A Shout Out to a Special Group of Friends

Source: Huffington Post

When I started actively blogging about two years ago, I never imagined the paths it would open for me in terms of discovering a new, refreshing way to connect with some amazing people. What made these connections so special was the fact that we made a connection through our writing. The sharing of our inner most thoughts and feelings about our life experiences is what brought us together. And through that connection, I have developed some great friendships for which I’m so grateful for.

A special shout out to:

Brittany Bonnaffons – A mom, wife and talented professional, Brittany blogs about the adventures of life being in this multi-pronged role, which can, at times, be overwhelming, but her words have a way to easing the mind and ultimately giving you hope. Check out her awesome blog at OrdinarilyExtraordinaryMom

Anthony – An ESL Teacher and fellow Torontonian blogging about his daily “perfect moments” which can be anything from crossing paths with a stranger on the subway or attending an exciting concert. It’s always a treat to read about the latest happenings since there is usually never a dull moment living or working in the city. You can check out his blog at todaysperfectmoment.wordpress.com.

B.W. Ginsburg – An active blogger about dealing with the challenges of anxiety and how to cope and also an avid reader sharing their favourite novels.

Check out both of their sites at:



These three are just a few of the MANY talented and amazing bloggers I’ve come across. I apologize in advance to anyone I may have missed, but rest assured, you are in my thoughts and I think you rock!

Let’s continue to stand united and spread the positivity and light through our words!

God Bless and happy blogging!





4 thoughts on “A Shout Out to a Special Group of Friends

  1. Thank you so much Sarah. I really appreciate the shout out, and I appreciate your kind words and fabulous description even more. Thank you. I will keep writing and hope to live up to what you’ve written about me.

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