Navigating the August Blues

Welp! It’s that time of the year again.

I saw this quote online the other day and it just resonated. “August is like the Sunday of Summer.”

I’d never looked at the month of August in this way before, but it’s so true. Sundays mark the end of a weekend, the onset of the dreaded case of the Mondays.

And, if you think about it, the entire month of August is really no different. As soon as August 1st hits, you just know that the days of summer are numbered. I’ve already started seeing leaves on the ground in some areas!

With the arrival of September means it’s back to school, back to work, back to some form of routine, and sayonara to holiday mode. In some cases, in a post-pandemic reality, September may mean a return to the office in some form, as the hybrid model for work becomes increasingly the norm.

If August is one big Sunday, then September can be viewed as a month-long monstrous Monday. lol

August also means allergy sufferers (myself included) get a visit from the very unwanted visitor named Ragweed which tends to bloom around mid-late August through to October. This year, however, my allergies have not left me alone pretty much the entire year. If it’s not ragweed, it’s pollen. My sinuses have not been able to catch a break. (achoo!)

As we inch towards the end of another summer, I will say that weather-wise, it has been a fantastic one. It’s been almost too hot at times, but no complaints.

As we look ahead to the fall of 2022, I’d like to echo a message that I’ve repeated many times throughout my entire blog: we must remain humble, grateful and blessed.

Two years ago, the world was marred by a pandemic and continued lockdowns. Two years later, the mental anguish continues to linger for some, but the world has generally opened back up to virtually a pre-pandemic state but with a post-pandemic mindset, of course.

Life continues to be very fragile and we must embrace each day to its fullest. Surround yourself by those that bring out the best in you, that uplift you and make you feel happy. Love unapologetically, and continue to practice kindness and patience with each other.

Fall, bring it on. (With some Reactine, please.)


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