Adventures on the Water

Humber River, Toronto

It certainly feels like a switch was flipped this week as fall came right on schedule with the onset of a chill in the air, cloudier skies, and, of course, the beginning of the leaves changing colour.

Therefore, I was even more grateful to have gotten the opportunity to do some paddling last week. It was a perfect mid-September day to be on the water. It was not overly humid and the skies were crisp and clear. Kayaking has always been one of my favourite summer activities to do. Not only is it generally a very relaxing and peaceful experience, but you also get quite the workout from all the paddling.

The Humber River is one of the two major rivers in Toronto and is considered a hidden gem with its calm and pristine nature and variety of wildlife including blue herons, turtles, beavers, etc.

The water glistened under the sun. You can’t quite see it in the photo below, but around this area, the water became so shallow that you could actually stand in it! And yes, our kayak got stuck in the process, but a little maneuvering back and forth (and with the kind assistance of a nearby paddler), we were back on track (or rather back in deeper water), in no time.

The river also has a variety of marshes that you can venture into but we were warned that some of them also had super shallow pockets and we risked getting stuck again – this time much further out with less people around to help you, so we decided not to take the chance.

No kayaking experience would be complete without an obligatory selfie. 🙂

The river eventually ends at Lake Ontario which you can see in the distance. Now, if you’re an experienced kayaker, you can venture out into the lake, but the waters obviously get choppier and wavier.

As much as I love kayaking, this was my first time going again in a while so I decided not to get too carried away (haha). I think if I was paddling more frequently, then I might have felt more comfortable going into the lake.

I have kayaked in larger bodies of water before such as Lake Huron (which is beautiful), and the Caribbean Sea in Jamaica (which remains my favourite experience), however, it’s a little different when you are knowingly going to be paddling in larger water. You’re just more prepared mentally. It’s a bit different when you’re meandering along a calm, current-free river for over an hour and then are suddenly thrust into a large, unsettled lake. (Maybe next time!) lol

Anyway, kayaking along the Humber River was a great experience overall – suitable for people at any level of experience looking to try something new, relaxing and very enjoyable.


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