The Essence of the Holiday Season


On this Christmas Day 2021, I wish each of you peace, love, and happiness. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, the holiday season is that universal time of the year to come together and foster love and unity among your family and friends.

And as we continue to be plagued by a seemingly never-ending pandemic, we must make every extra effort to focus our thoughts and energy on each other and create lasting memories that will hold much more value in our hearts than the constant stream of negativity we continue to see in the media.

The holiday season is about being mindful and present, soaking in each moment, without the need to capture everything on camera in real-time. Instead, capture those moments in your memory.

Remember, just because a moment isn’t snapped or shared, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

We must also take a moment to say a special prayer for those families that have recently suffered tremendous loss and are having to go through the holidays without their loved ones. We must hold them near and dear to our hearts and pray for their peace and solace as they navigate a difficult road ahead.

The holiday season is ultimately about giving back, reflection, and gratitude for what you have – something that the pandemic has certainly given a whole new meaning to.

So as we embark on another new year, here’s to continued good health, light, love, and peace for everyone.


4 thoughts on “The Essence of the Holiday Season

  1. Thank you Sarah and hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Lets hope by 2022 this pandemic will be over and have better year.

    Your blogs are amazing, keep up the great job you are doing! xoxo

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