Pandemic Problems: Getting Creative or Desperate?

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It’s a pleasant, mild Saturday today which made for a good opportunity to go out and soak in the sunshine and get some fresh air. During my stroll, I observed something that truly illustrated a sign of the times.

An individual was doing, was appeared to be, pull-ups by gripping the top of one of those dark green hydro boxes. They legitimately appeared to be in the middle of a ‘workout’ with repeated cycles of hoisting themselves up and down. At first, I thought it was comical but then I realized how desperate, it seems, people must be getting in order to stay active.

I’m no electrician, but I have to think that it’s probably not the safest thing to lean against or be too close to a hydro box like that, I\f we take a step back and look at the biggest picture, this is all a consequence of the endless ‘stop and go’ lockdowns we have been in for well over a year now.

People are having to get creative or desperate, depending on how you look at it, and inadvertently resort to potentially hazardous tactics to supplement for not being able to go to a proper gym. I recently blogged about this exact issue in my post Yearning for the Goodlife, and how at-home workouts and other means of activity that, although can be effective, don’t always give you that greater sense of fulfillment you get when you’re in an actual gym environment. And after this observation from today, it really spoke to the void people must be feeling in their own exercise regimen.

I’m not going to get into a spiel of where cases are originating, etc, because enough has been said about it, but what I do believe is that most gyms have unfairly been asked to close on multiple occasions at this point. This, in spite of investing large sums of money to ensure that all of the proper protocols are in place to keep people safe.

Unfortunately, we are still right in the thick of this pandemic. It’s important to be realistic than inaccurately optimistic at this point. Yes, the vaccinations are a step in the right direction, absolutely, but with the onslaught of variants and cases continuing to soar worldwide, keeping essential activities, like the gyms, closed indefinitely will only have a long-term detrimental impact in the end. Our mental health and livelihood is at stake the longer we are deprived of resources that help us stay uplifted, healthy and active. I truly hope that regulations can reasonably ease up in the short term to allow these facilities to operate again.

Love and Blessings


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