The Power of Positive Thinking


As is usually the case in the month of May, the weather seems to go through regular episodes of bi-polar disorder. The Victoria Day long weekend has traditionally been known to be chronically gray and drab, though we were blessed with gorgeous weather yesterday – it was sunny, warm and beautiful, but then today, it was cold, gray, and windy. *insert thumbs down emoji here* Thank goodness it was a long weekend Monday at least!

However, as is the case with many people, the weather does tend to affect my overall mood. Yesterday I felt great and motivated and had a ton of energy, and then today, I felt like a complete Debbie Downer most of the day – and I knew it had a direct correlation with the weather. But we can’t control Mother Nature after all – it is what it is – and I was basically irritated with feeling irritated because of it.

So I took a moment to gather by bearings and reflect on the finer things in life – to just be grateful for life, health and the company of cherished family and friends. To just be grateful for the present, for the now, and to not sweat the small stuff. Sure, the weather wasn’t the greatest today, but it also wasn’t meant to stay that way either, so why let it get you down, right?

Once I changed my thought process and refocused, I felt uplifted again. Sometimes, that’s all we need to do, is to just change how we think.

We just need to allow that inner voice inside ourselves to basically discipline us when we feel as though we are getting a bit off track. The less we dwell and focus on the negative stuff, the less it will impact our overall well-being.

This change in thinking could also potentially help keep us from engaging in unhealthy habits which can result from that ‘blah’ feeling, such as eating too much comfort junk food or drinking too much coffee. Those habits simply fuel the negative feeling rather than curb it.

If you change your perspective, you’ll likely feel better and not abuse your regular lifestyle activities just to satisfy a momentary feeling of vulnerability that you know will pass.


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