It’s Okay to Not Always Want to Keep it Together

Motivational Quotations by Sarah Warsi

Sometimes we get so caught up in putting on a positive front that we almost forget that we are human and that our emotions will get the best of us eventually. Just know that it’s okay to feel this way. Life was not meant to be always be peaches and cream. It’s all about finding that fine balance between maintaining a healthy sense of normalcy while going through a challenging time. The measure of a person’s strength is not measured by the difficulty itself, but more so by how they carry themselves through it.

There is no universal solution for everyone, but you’ll know what works best for you.

For some people, taking a social hiatus is the best thing to do while dealing with a difficulty. This is perfectly normal because if you aren’t in a happy place yourself, you can’t be happy around anyone else. Wallowing in temporary solitude can help keep your emotions in check and allow yourself time to think.

And in spite of how anti-social you might feel, be vulnerable to those closest to you and allow them to help you. There might be that one confidant that you won’t mind talking to, the one that gets it. This type of positive reinforcement is crucial, so consider reaching out to them for a comforting ear to talk to.

Keep yourself busy doing positive things, like going to the gym and staying active, watching your favourite show, having Puffy’s iconic clown scare on Ellen recently on repeat – anything to keep your mind off what might be bothering you.

Don’t overdo the “I’m fine” routine, when you know things are not fine. Just be real.

Sometimes you have to feel as if you’re drowning before you get that chance to resurface and breathe in that refreshed, rejuvenated air that catapults you into a better version of yourself. You are still very much loved and the people meant to be in your life will still be there once you’ve bounced back.

It’s okay.



13 thoughts on “It’s Okay to Not Always Want to Keep it Together

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  1. You’re a really wise lady! I really liked reading you! Also if you won’t mind, i’d like to ask you something.


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      1. What a lovely idea – do you mean something that I could post on my own site? Please elaborate. Thank you.


      2. Would it still be a lovely idea, If I said the poem I’d like to write would be written for you? (Taj Mahal)


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