Aparna Nancherla: Stand-Up Comedy’s Breath of Fresh Air

Aparna Nancherla
Aparna Nancherla (Photo Credit: LA Times)

Earlier this year, I discovered an extremely refreshing and funny Aparna Nancherla – born and raised in Washington with East Indian roots. She’s down-to-earth with a shy, girl-next-door charm and has broken past all kinds of stereotypes taking the comedy world by storm.

In my opinion, what sets Aparna apart is her truly distinct and unique style of humour. The quirky, witty phrasings and the dry deadpan intonations which are usually at the butt of each of her jokes makes for quite the laugh. In her Netflix special from earlier this year, her act included a powerpoint presentation – which was unique in and of itself, let alone the content of the slideshow. This special was how I came to know about Aparna and it really catapulted her into superstardom.

What I like about Aparna is that she is just so genuine – there’s really nothing to question and wonder about when she’s doing her act. It’s all just so transparent and real. She talks openly about her struggles with anxiety and depression and how comedy has been a healing force in dealing with both.

Check out one of her recent acts on a talk show. In just a five minute act, Aparna managed to get the crowd roaring with laughter with some really amusing jokes about being tardy, the “privleged of New York” and why coffee and anxiety don’t mix.

Aparna is refreshingly brilliant and just what stand up comedy needs right now. She was supposed to have made an appearance here in Toronto later this month (which I was really looking forward too) but had to cancel her show, along with several others, because of an exciting new business venture. It must be huge if she had to resort to cancelling her tour. Her talent is clearly not going unnoticed and she deserves all the great opportunities that come her way. I do hope she is able to reschedule soon as it would be a delight to see her live.

Aside from stand-up, Aparna has also become a Twitter celebrity with a large and growing following, with some of the most hilarious, relatable tweets you’ll find.

Here are just a couple of recent tweets that evoked quite the chuckle:

This one made me LOL because it’s so true. I mean, really, how often do you go back to anything you’ve bookmarked or sent to yourself?

Give her a follow for a daily dose of laughs.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out her act in latest The Stand Ups on Netflix.

Keep up the great work, Aparna. This is only the beginning.


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