Embrace Your ‘Off’ Days


It happens to the best of us.

No matter how positive or optimistic we generally feel about our lives, it’s inevitable to just have one of those days where everything just feels off and out of sync.

It’s those days when it’s harder to get out of bed, you’re slower than normal in getting routine tasks done, your level of irritability is through the roof and socializing with people is the last thing you want to do. Even the beaming sunshine can’t seem to lift your spirits.

Well worry not, because it’s perfectly normal to have such days and in fact, it is almost needed in order to “balance” out our overall happiness.

We have our good days and we have our bad days – that is life. What is important to remember is not to dwell too much on feeling ‘blah’, and instead just acknowledge the fact that you are simply having an ‘off’ day, and that the stars will surely re-align for a better day tomorrow. This kind of positive and realistic thinking will help alleviate some of your stress from feeling unsettled and allow you to get through your funk in a calmer way.

If you’re at work, try your best to keep interactions with your peers at a minimum – and if you must have a meeting – remember to keep your brave face on. After all, it’s no one else’s fault that you’re having an ‘off’ day so it’s not fair to take it out on your colleagues. Just do your best to keep yourself immersed in your work, and before you know it, it will be time to go home so that you can recharge your battery for a better day.

Also, another way to minimize your ‘off’ days is to go to bed the night before on a high note – and that can mean anything, from just thinking happy, positive thoughts as you snooze off into dreamland, to smoothing over a disagreement with a loved one. Just remember to never go to bed angry. It is guaranteed to set an unpleasant tone for the next day.

In short, things can never be too perfect. A seemingly ‘perfect’ life is full of imperfections and flaws. So embrace your ‘off’ days and strive towards a better, brighter, tomorrow.

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