Finding Happiness: The Ultimate Journey

Feeling lost? Confused? Do you feel a void in your life but are unsure of what it is and how to fill it? In reference to the name of this blog: life is like a train – it’s never always a smooth commute, and unexpected delays and detours are inevitable. You just never know what is around the corner. The key is to not let these events throw you off track (pun intended) in your journey to happiness.

So what is happiness? In its simplest form, it’s anything that makes you smile. Going beyond that, it is a feeling of peace, satisfaction and positivity that fills the entire body, mind and soul – like a bubble that embodies you and keeps all the negativity away. It’s a heightened sense of being and feeling alive.

But how do we keep that bubble from bursting? This is the challenge we face in our lives everyday.

Thus, my purpose for this blog is to help you maintain your own bubble of happiness. By sharing my own thoughts, ideas, and experiences, I hope to help you find clarity, purpose and completeness for yourself amid all of the twists and turns we experience in this beautiful, yet chaotic thing called life. Enjoy the ride!


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