The One Where Jen Broke Instagram

Yesterday was a big day in the world of Instagram: Jennifer Aniston – one of Hollywood’s very famous social media recluses finally made her debut on Instagram – and what a debut it was!

Since opening her account yesterday morning, she has already amassed well over 10 million followers and counting. According to Instagram, her profile was gaining over 100,000 followers an hour setting a new Guinness World Record for the shortest time to get to 1M followers. The app even crash for a short time because of the overwhelming number of people flocking to her account.

It just goes to show you the level of anticipation that was really out there for Jen’s social media presence – myself included! I think the fact that she been off the grid all this time only made the level of curiosity that much higher. I’ve always been a big fan of hers and wondered when, if ever, would she get on social media. So when I saw her name trending on Twitter and realized that it had finally happened, I was delighted to say the least!

So many of her celebrity friends shouted her out on their own pages and stories making this one of the biggest IG entrances in the history of the app, I bet.

Now as eager as I was to follow her, I really respected the fact that she was able to stay away from it for as long as she has – something that is probably not easy to do being a famous celebrity. I’ve written previous posts about the ‘dark side’ to social media and I’m sure she probably felt an inner peace that only people from the pre-smart phone era can really relate to – and it’s a feeling that is so hard (if at all possible) to truly retain now in this digitally-driven world that we now live in.

Also, I am sure that the surrounding pressure from her friends contributed to her eventually caving in. Real-life BFF and former co-star Courteney Cox – recently posted a group photo in celebration of the Friends 25th anniversary and wrote the hashtag #SeriouslyJen giving her own subtle jab at her friend not being on IG.

Whatever the reason, us Jennifer fans couldn’t be happier! I have to admit, I’ve since been a bit low-key obsessed – flocking to her account every so often to check on her follower count as if to check on the score for an intense NBA finals game or something! (haha) Hey, it’s just a high, it will eventually wear off. 🙂

Welcome to Instagram, Jen!


3 thoughts on “The One Where Jen Broke Instagram

  1. I follow a few Canadian celebrities and professional athletes. I get the feeling that they are expected to post about 3 pictures a day. I guess that is the minimum amount for engagement with their fans.


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