You Can Do Whatever You Put Your Mind To

Ameerah singing live in concert
Singer Ameerah performing live in concert.

Toronto’s latest up and coming R&B star has just made her debut. At just the tender age of 21, Ameerah is a rising talent set to take the pop world by storm – and I’m also proud to call her my niece!

Ameerah, born and raised in Toronto, has been singing for most of her life, doing various covers. Her inspiration to take her hobby to the next level is rooted in her own family. “Growing up, I’ve been in such a musically-inclined family,” Ameerah says, “Everyone sings, from my grandma, who has a lovely voice, my father, who sang back in his home country of Pakistan, my mother, my aunt…the list just goes on. So I really got my musical inspiration from them.

Ameerah’s ambition and determination is a reflection of what can happen when you put your mind to something. The only person holding you back from making a dream into a reality is you.

My dream has always been to be a singer.” She continued. “But as I got older, I started realizing, ‘why is it a dream?’ Why dream it and not make it a reality? Music is my passion and what better way to live your life than to do something that you love?

Ameerah has taken the first steps to making her dreams a reality after releasing her first single in July called “Like Me” – a smooth and sultry, R&B track that echoes the old-skool vibe of the 90’s. A huge milestone, to say the least, that she feels very blessed about.

Take a listen here:

Ameerah – “Like Me”

The endless support of Ameerah’s family and friends has been paramount in taking the steps to making her dreams come true. “It’s very hard for an up and coming artist to develop a strong fan-base, so I honestly feel very blessed by all the love and positive energy,” she boasts.

Of course, turning a dream into a reality can come with its own set of challenges and you must remember that it’s always a journey of continued growth and evolvement. Although Ameerah is just starting out, she has already quickly realized the challenges that come with being an artist:

“Singing as a hobby and doing covers is obviously very different than performing for a show,” Ameerah says. “And I would say my biggest challenge has been mastering my vocals and learning how to be a performer.”

Ameerah goes on to emphasize that, as cliched as it may sound, practice truly makes perfect when it comes to polishing any type of skill, coupled with a positive, ‘you can do it’ mindset.

What advice does Ameerah have for other aspiring artists looking to go down the same path?

“Never give up. Never lose hope. There will be days when you don’t like how you sound, but it’s all normal,” she stresses. “Life is not a straight path. Just always keep those around you that are supportive, encouraging and motivating – those that truly mean well for you, because positive energy truly goes a long way.”

Self-confidence is another key factor – you must believe in your passion to keep driving it forward. Ameerah concluded our chat with some impactful parting words, “Manifest, and let life do the rest.” Self-explanatory.

Ameerah thanks her crew and the audience after her performance at The Hideout
(August 2nd 2019)

Ameerah performed her first concert on August 2nd at The Hideout – a live music bar in downtown Toronto to a very enthusiastic and supportive crowd. She had the opportunity to perform her new single for the first time along with a medley of some older favourites.

Be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram for highlights from the show, the latest updates and news on upcoming performances.

Keep up the great work, Ameerah. We are looking forward to watching you shine!


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