Behind the Smile: The Dark Side of Fame and Fortune

This week has been a difficult one with the deaths of two notable public figures: fashion designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef and travel aficionado Anthony Bourdain. It has been reported that both succumbed to suicide. These stories are just a couple of examples of the dark and disturbing reality that surrounds us and yet … More Behind the Smile: The Dark Side of Fame and Fortune

Happy Ladies Day

Today we took a moment to celebrate all the beautiful women on our planet, past and present. I just wanted to take a minute to reiterate how important it is to continue to support each other, love each other and encourage each other to grow as strong, confident, and independent women. Take care of each … More Happy Ladies Day

Uplifting Conversations Can Start Anywhere

Don’t talk to strangers. We’ve all grown up with that philosophy. Yes, in most circumstances, it’s absolutely something to abide by, but sometimes, talking to complete strangers can be a very positive thing. And here’s why: The other day I was grabbing lunch from a local restaurant and they were quite busy. A gentleman who … More Uplifting Conversations Can Start Anywhere