Hold Onto Your Special Confidence Booster

A girl raises her hands in the air in confidence.

So a while back I wrote a post about how pleased I was with myself at getting better at reverse parking. I knew it would sound silly to many, but for me it was a huge deal considering it had always been something that I was afraid of doing and not very good at.

Well fast forward to now, I am almost at the point where I only reverse into parking spots. Again, most people may not be able to relate or understand what the big deal is, but for me, this is a major confidence booster. It’s hard to explain, but anytime I do it, it’s a constant reminder of how far I’ve come from that fearful, nervous version of myself to who I am today.

The other day was another example: I had a choice: take the easy route and just drive into a spot, or continue to perfect a skill I was once so rusty at by backing into a spot. I chose the latter.

So what’s the point? Everyone has their own unique ‘thing’ that uplifts them, motivates them and makes them feel happy about themselves. No one else has to understand it. As long as it gives you joy, a sense of fulfillment and inner strength, that is all that matters. However you achieve your version of happy, just stick to it.


2 thoughts on “Hold Onto Your Special Confidence Booster

  1. I have always said that little things add up to a lot–and this was before marginal gains became a word for competitors. We should all build up our confidence in things, regardless of how small some might view them, they are big to us. They make us stronger and better.


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