My Feel Good Moment for Today

A group of friends happily jumping up and down, feel good.
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Today I had a very uplifting start to my day when I was given a very kind comment by one of my fellow co-workers. I usually dress depending on my mood and tend to gravitate towards brighter colours in the summer, and darker colours in the colder months. Sounds pretty standard, right? Well, what I didn’t realize was how much of an impact my dress of choice would be making on those around me. My co-worker, who just recently joined the team, has told me a few times in the recent past how much she loves my style and fashion sense. I honestly, don’t think much of it at all and have seen women who rock much trendier looks, in my opinion, but I was flattered, regardless, by the compliment.

So this morning, as I came into the office, we made some brief small-talk and then she proceeded to tell me how I had inspired her to come out of her shell and wear brighter, more comfortable clothing,  which included wearing the occasional skirt. She told me that normally she would avoid wearing skirts because she didn’t think she looked good in them and I flat out told her it was ludicrous for her to think that way and that as long as she felt good about herself, that was all that mattered. And so today, as she went through her wardrobe, she told me how she had thought of our chat and how I carry generally myself, and it gave her the confidence she felt she needed to dress more freely and in a way that would uplift her spirits. Instead of reaching for the usual set of pants and shirt, she pulled out an outfit that she had not worn in a while to spruce things up,  I could see the spark in her eyes too as she rocked the skirt she had on with confidence and poise.

It was so small, but at the same time, so grandiose to think that my influence rubbed off in such a positive way and made someone feel better about themselves. It truly is the best feeling and another testament to the power of spreading positivity all around.

And that was my feel good moment for today.

Much love and blessings,



4 thoughts on “My Feel Good Moment for Today

  1. I am glad you were able to inspire someone with your fashion sense and attitude. However, do not sell yourself short. In all the pictures I have seen of you, You look great (from casual to elegant). Have an awesome Thursday.


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