Don’t Wait to Reach Out, Do It Now

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Do you ever have it in the back of your head that you want to contact someone and have been meaning to for a while now? They’ve been on your mind for some time and you’ve been wondering how they are doing but just haven’t gotten around to actually reaching out?

Well, the solution is simple: do it now.

No matter where you are, make a point to just reach out (except when driving, of course). Send that text or make that phone call as soon as you remember, because at least that way the conversation has been started.

It’s that first step that takes the longest to get going. The worst thing you want is to have weeks, months, or even more time going by just having them continuously in your thoughts without getting around to making that actual connection.

The fact that this person(s) is constantly on your mind could be as harmless as just missing them after a long time has passed, or it could be the universe’s way of telling you that perhaps they are going through something and could use your guidance or simply your presence in their life. Don’t ignore that.

Whatever the case may be, our brains are constantly in overdrive with how busy our lives are with rarely a moment to spare. Therefore, it’s very easy to forget to do something when you have the good intentions of doing so. So let this be a friendly reminder to take the extra effort to reach out to that person that’s been occupying your thoughts. Don’t let the threat of regret loom over your head.

Reach out today.

Please take a peak at a previous post I wrote on how not to fall into the rut of always intending to do something without actually executing it.


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