Getting Back in the Zone – Group Fitness

Recently, I finally returned to an element I had been missing out on for over two years – group fitness! I hadn’t done an in-person fitness class since before the pandemic and boy did it feel good! I chose to do a Zumba class – which is a Latin-inspired cardio dance class that often involves … More Getting Back in the Zone – Group Fitness

Enough is Enough

Last week, a powerful thunderstorm hit the GTA and caused mass destruction and loss of life within a matter of minutes. It was surreal. The morning started off bright and sunny, and by the afternoon, mobile phones were ringing with amber alerts of an impending storm, and within minutes of that alert, the skies went … More Enough is Enough

Sunny Days

It was an exceptionally lovely week in the GTA with summer-like conditions all week. It’s like it was Spring for about 5 minutes and transitioned right into summer. No complaints here! Let’s hope it lasts. It’s no secret that the sunshine and warmth have a way of uplifting spirits. No matter what you might be … More Sunny Days

Marking a Grim Milestone With Hope

Today, March 11, marks the two-year anniversary of when the World Health Organization officially declared a worldwide pandemic when cases of a little-known virus soared at uncontrollable speeds, resulting in what would be a tumultuous 24-month journey filled with realization, grief, gratitude, sorrow, patience, and so much more. On this day in 2021, we were … More Marking a Grim Milestone With Hope