Reflections on a Year that Feels like a Decade

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As we approach September, I’ve been reflecting on the roller coaster of a year that we’ve had. January suddenly feels like so long ago. It’s like we have lived three separate years in just a few months because of the magnitude of events that have transpired in such a short amount of time.

2020 – the year of the obvious uprooting of our sense of normalcy. A global pandemic, the resurgence of racial unrest, barely-there sporting seasons, killer hornets, (let’s not forget the killer hornets), etc. Today happens to also be the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s famous “I have a dream” speech and his words on racial injustice and civil rights continue to resonate loudly today – 57 years later.

Some personal takeaways from this year thus far:

Take each day as it comes – This year has certainly screamed ‘Live in the moment!” Nothing is guaranteed to us. We truly need to soak in the present moment, each day. Wake up and ask yourself, ‘what am I going to do today that will make a positive impact?’ Be obsessively grateful.

Practice forgiveness – To anyone that wronged you in the past, find it in your heart to forgive them. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you suddenly become best friend’s either. It just means you are choosing your own peace and happiness above harbouring any anger or resentment.

Strengthen your connections – Time is valuable and life always gets in the way – as this year has so emphatically taught us. When you are thrown into a vulnerable situation, as we have this year, it becomes apparent, fairly quickly, those connections that you feel the most synergy with. It’s not to say that the care and concern for those that you feel a bit less connected to isn’t there – it certainly is – but it might be more from a distance.

So when you do get that limited amount of downtime, never settle for anything less than gravitating towards like-minded souls that make you feel genuinely happy and uplifted and work on continuously reinforcing that positive energy. This also includes ‘social media’ friends – those people that either you will likely never meet in person or interacted with at some point in your life, but whose warmth and energy resonate with you so intensely that if you ever did have the pleasure of meeting them (again) one day, it would feel like you’ve been actual friends for years.

Speaking of connections, it’s been an entire year since I was last able to visit my grandma.

I was also reflecting on the fact that I haven’t seen my grandma in over a year. My last visit to her was in August of 2019 and this is a photo from that visit as we sat in the recreation room of her nursing home. I know how lonely she can get and it warmed by heart when she lit up at the mere act of me placing my hand over hers in this photo. It was a poignant moment.

Before all of this happened, I made a point to try and see her every so often, so it’s been especially hard this past year having been deprived of that. I know so many families lost loved ones in nursing homes this year, so I am eternally grateful that she continues to be doing okay amid all of the chaos that ensued within nursing homes being ravaged by the pandemic in its early stages. The particular home she is in are allowing a very limited amount of visitors again by appointment only so I hope to be able to see her soon.

Focus on healthy distractions – I’ve been trying to read more lately. And by read, I mean anything other than what’s been in the news. It’s just been so overwhelming that I yearn to just drown myself in a world of pure fiction – or in my present case – a super engaging and fascinating autobiography of one of my favourite actresses Melody Thomas Scott.

You may already know from my previous posts how big of a fan I am of the soap The Young and the Restless, so I’ve been really enjoying reading this. It’s a very intimate, no-holds-barred account of Melody’s upbringing and life as an actress. If you are a fan as well, I highly recommend picking up a copy.

Speaking of Y&R, it’s been low-key amusing watching some of the new episodes because of the obvious physical distancing. It will be interesting to see how future storylines play out.

So if you haven’t already, go seek out a new novel of your liking, spend more time outdoors – especially with these hot summer days now numbered. We need to be especially creative this year since many of the outdoor attractions weren’t able to open unfortunately. Whether it’s biking, running, or relaxing by the water. Kayaking is an especially fun and very relaxing summer activity. Whatever your preference – just soak in the true beauty of nature.

Beaver River, Ontario

I wish you continued peace, blessings and good health.

And a little something we can never be reminded of too many times: No matter how much or how little you know or understand someone, be kind. It takes very little effort but can go a long way.


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