You Must Keep Your Inner Light Shining

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A warm and belated happy new year to my lovely blogger friends. We are full swing into 2020. And let’s think about that for a second: 2020 officially makes the year 2000 twenty years ago – which is kind of insane. To my fellow blogger friend Paul’s point, for us millennials, 20 years ago will always feel like sometime in the ’80s, no matter what.

Unfortunately, this year has started off on a rather somber note with the recent airline disaster in Iran. My pain and sorrow for the victims and their families has only deepened since learning that the plane was downed by accident due to a missile. It’s just such an immeasurable loss. I can only hope and pray that the families of the victims can find the will power and strength to put one foot after another.

At times like this, you need to keep your inner light shining. It could be dim for a while, but it should never be extinguished. Out of darkness can only come light. Kindness is infectious and has uplifting powers beyond anyone’s comprehension. This is something that can never be reiterated enough: everyone is fighting some sort of internal battle. It doesn’t matter what version of themselves you see on the internet, people all have their deepest, inner most demons that they silently struggle with.

You don’t have to get it, you don’t have to understand it, but we, as citizens of this planet, have an obligation to choose kindness and empathy, whenever possible. Your warmth may be exactly what that seemingly frosty loved one or acquaintance needs.

Speaking of frosty, today is a snowy one in the GTA. Please stay warm and safe on the roads. Much love.


9 thoughts on “You Must Keep Your Inner Light Shining

  1. Sarah, I just read your blog for the first time and this article really spoke to me. We have all gone through our ups and downs in life and like yourself, I also truly believe we should be kind to each other and spread some positivity and most importantly keep our inner light shining. I was having a bad week and really needed to hear this. Thanks for sharing a piece of your story with the world Sarah!
    Loved this post and looking forward to reading some of the other posts as well.

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    1. Thank you SO much for your lovely comments, Uzma. I truly appreciate it and it humbles me to no end to know that my words are having a positive impact on people. Much love and appreciation. xo


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