The Power in Bringing People Together

This time of year, when the days progressively get shorter and it feels so much later than it actually is, that feeling of doom and gloom just sets in and the desire to hibernate and become a social recluse only rises.

At the risk of becoming too socially disconnected due to circumstances that are really out of your control, it’s important to refocus yourself on things that are uplifting and positive to keep that light shining within you that seems to dim itself just a little bit at this time of the year.

Sure, the idea of ripping open a bag of dill pickle chips and becoming a couch bug for an indefinite period of time may sound enticing, that feeling is short-lived once you realize the toll that sedentary lifestyle really takes on you.

Girl dressed up in an angel costume poses for a photo.

When you’re around warm, uplifting people, the doom and gloominess around you does not seem to hold that much weight. One of my dear friends hosted her annual halloween party this weekend and while I am not big on halloween itself at all, it’s always fun to have an excuse to wear a funny costume and be in the company of good friends.

As you can see, I decided to be an angel – figured I might as well keep it simple though some of the costumes in the store were just comical. People will literally be anything for halloween – from a hamburger to a piece of toast. It’s hilarious!

This friend in particular has had a difficult year and it was really nice to see her in such a good spirits after a long time.

Also, food tends to be the universal magnet that will bring people together. Give people a reason to bring a dish to a room – and boom! You’ve got yourself a party.

A display of various finger foods and appetizers.

Some members of the management team where I reside decided to do a halloween pot luck this year. I thought this was a really nice gesture to bring the building community together, because otherwise, how will you, right? You see familiar faces in the elevator, in the lobby and in and around the area all the time, but unless you’re in a setting where you are given the opportunity to really chat and mingle, it’s difficult to establish any new connections.

I was only able to say for a bit and I’m sure that the more they do these things, the higher the attendance will be, but the intention is what matters the most.

So no matter what time of the year, let’s continue to reinforce those positive connections with those that bring us joy, make us laugh and give us the warm and fuzzies.

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