The Only Way to be is Real

As the GTA deals with quite the bone-chilling cold these past couple of weeks, I have been pondering some life lessons (unrelated to the weather lol).

I think that as we progress in our lives, it is important to continue to remind ourselves that we cannot be anything other than ourselves. Naturally, I think we all instinctively try to ‘fit in’ or portray ourselves in a different way in order to get people to like or accept us because we fear rejection or neglect. But we have to remind ourselves, that that is simply not real and will only cause you more heartache.

If someone seemingly only likes you for that fabricated version of yourself, then it’s not really a genuine friendship. Each moment you spend living an inauthentic life, you are wasting your true potential. The more real you are, the wider that door will open to invite the right connections into your life – and effectively weed out the wrong ones. Whether these are new connections or old ones, the right connections will simply understand you in the simplest, uncomplicated way.

I wish communication was easier when it comes to sustaining friendships. Misunderstandings can erode lasting friendships, but the simple act of communicating can bridge that gap in amazing ways. But I can appreciate that confrontation or simply addressing the elephant in the room is not for everyone.

The sad part is when people don’t talk about their feelings, they may jump to conclusions about you which couldn’t be further from the truth, and then treat you accordingly (also known as passive aggression). I think that here is where it is more important than ever, to really remain true to yourself and your core values.

If you want to genuinely smooth things over by talking, and the reciprocation is not there, then just let it be. (It’s taken me years to realize this). Keep focused on your own life and move forward. If it’s ultimately meant to be, that person will eventually come around and reach out to you in a real way. And if that never happens, then that’s okay too – the world is already filled with too much negativity to perpetuate it further.

Whether we are close or not, we all share similar life challenges, so as long as we mean well for each other and wish each other happiness, that’s all that matters in the end.

So let’s remember to always stay true to ourselves. Keep being you and focus on your happiness and life goals. Gravitate towards those that complement, respect, and appreciate the real you. It’s a much easier way to live and will bring you the truest form of peace.

4 thoughts on “The Only Way to be is Real

  1. Yes absolutely. Making other people happy is crucial to our own individual happiness, it’s a given, but you should never have to lose yourself in the process. That is key.

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