“You’re Going to be Happy, Said Life, But First I’ll Make You Strong”

Inner Peace, Life
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Sometimes life hits us over the head with a frying pan. We are going about our business and then something seemingly out of blue comes and derails our path. Sometimes we just need that reality check in order to be reminded of what we are made of. Conflict is a part of life. Obstacles are a part of life. Without either, we wouldn’t know the true measure of our strength and character.

As we look ahead to a new year, let’s always remember to:

Always stay true to yourselfNot everyone is going to like you and that’s just a fact of life. I do struggle with this, even now, because let’s face it: you can be the nicest, kindest person, but there will always be people that will still just not like you for no apparent reason. It can be a tough pill to swallow, even for the most thick-skinned people. This is where I have to remind myself of my own advice and realize that no matter what, sometimes, you just won’t connect with some people that way that you might have thought or would have liked to, and that’s okay.

If you are committed to attaining your version of happiness, then that should be your main focus. As the saying goes, you can’t be happy around other people, if you aren’t happy with yourself.  You’ve just got to stay focused on your own path and stay committed to your own personal goals, and those that are meant to be in your life, will still be there when the dust settles. 

Learn to disconnect – Sometimes you just need a timeout to get yourself back on track. Take a break from the distractions of social media and give yourself an opportunity to recharge and refocus. When you feel that you’ve restored that feeling of normalcy, then ease yourself back into all the noise of the outside world.

Wishing all of you warmth, love, light and happiness this holiday season and beyond.

Much love,


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