Canada Day – A Celebration for Peace and Harmony

Sunny park with Trees

This weekend has certainly been a scorcher in Toronto with temperatures soaring past the 40 degree mark with humidity!

Today also marks the birth of our great nation. While the imperfections will always be prevalent, let us always remember how grateful we are to be living in such a diverse, tolerant and loving nation. Let us never stop advocating for peace, goodwill, and harmony. Sadly, we continue to be marred by senseless violence regularly and can only hope that a communal band for positivity and peace will continue to shove the toxicity further and further away.

We must be kind to one another. As I took a leisurely walk earlier, the quiet serenity of my surroundings was disturbed by the unwanted sounds of a couple arguing very heatedly in front of their house. As I glanced over (all the while trying to maintain discretion), I was taken aback by the profanity-laden dialogue being exchanged between the two. There was also a lot of finger-pointing going on and overall, a whole lot of negativity in the middle of such a beautiful sunny day. Not too far from them was a kid happily riding his bike, and another couple taking a stroll with their puppy. It just didn’t fit for obvious reasons.

Of course, I have no clue was prompted the argument, but I felt badly that in the midst of such calm and peace, people were treating each other so poorly. I had to keep walking because the last thing I needed was for them to notice me staring at them, but from what I could hear (yes they were pretty loud), it seemed to be an argument over something very petty, which again reminds us that we must pick and choose our battles with our loved ones and not sweat the small stuff. We only really have the present and must cherish the time that we have with those we care about and not waste that time being angry and resentful. For me, the sunshine has an infectious way of uplifting my spirits no matter what the situation and it’s just unfortunate to see people being so unpleasant with one another on such a beautiful day and in such a public way.

Anyways, not quite sure how that story tied in with it being Canada Day, but I wish you all a beautiful, peaceful weekend and cheers to our lovely country turning 151!

Canada Day Flag at Rogers Centre

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