I May Not Always Be There With You, but I’ll Always Be There for You – Unknown

Four friends holding hands
Source: FamilyFriendPoems

Meaningful and valuable friendships can be hard to come by, but there is one key ingredient to a real friendship that we must always remember, and that’s genuine respect for one another.

We all get busy in our lives but the measure of a true friendship is when you don’t take it personally when a friend hasn’t been in touch for a while. You know they are just busy in their life and that they are almost indirectly waiting for you to reach out in order to reconnect. In solid friendships, sometimes there is the one person who is just better at extending that arm in order to get back in touch. It doesn’t mean the other person cares any less, they almost need you to be that person for them. True friendships are those where you look out for and care for each other, where you understand and accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses and don’t view it as a negative or a hindrance to the friendship, but rather a stimulant to it.

It’s when you have those ‘friends’ that inadvertently make you feel guilty for being out of touch without realizing that you also have your own priorities and challenges in life just like they do, and all the time they are taking wondering why you aren’t reaching out to them, they could have very well just called or texted you to see how things are going. For all they know, you could be going through a rough time in your life. Everyone is dealing with their own personal battles at any given time and it’s completely unfair to make assumptions without knowing the facts.

True friendships are those where it is mutually understood that, hey, we are friends, but we also have our own lives, so if we can’t talk often or see each other often, it doesn’t mean we don’t care about each other or aren’t thinking of each other – and most importantly, it does not mean we aren’t still friends.

Blogger’s Note:

I originally published this on the Seeds4life – which has since been disbanded. Fortunately, I was given permission to re-publish this on my own blog. 

2 thoughts on “I May Not Always Be There With You, but I’ll Always Be There for You – Unknown

  1. Oh my goodness!! Seeds for Life is gone???!!!! I had no clue. I thought maybe I had somehow unfollowed them. Either way, beautiful piece. I am learning how to balance and embrace friendships in this whole work, mom, wife, me-time, blogging balance. I definitely rely on them, and they rely on me.

    1. Yes! I was surprised too. 😦 I got an email from the creator of the site not too long before with the news of the site going down. I think he sent all contributors an email. It can be tough managing a site of that calibre. Hopefully something similar to it will pop up in the future and thank you for the sweet comments. Yes, the balancing act is key and there is never a dull moment in doing so! 🙂

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