The Power of the Connection

two hands connected by a rainbox

So the other day I reconnected with someone on social media and something very interesting dawned on me about the power and mystery behind connections with certain people.

This person in particular was someone that I had known only for a very brief time at one of my previous jobs many years ago, but they were such a kind, gentle and pure soul that their interaction with me, even for that brief time, stuck with me years later. So even after we both moved on from that job, we always remained in touch on social media. And although we never socialized outside of the time that we met, our connection online was enough to keep that unexpected bond going.

Then more recently, when I decided to undergo some positive changes in my life, I created new social media accounts and she was one of the first people I thought of re-adding. Her warmth and sincerity was so prevalent that I just knew I wanted to be in her presence – even if it was only ever through social media. I could tell the feeling was mutual because we re-connected instantly and it was almost like no time had even passed.

This just made me realize how powerful a brief, simple, connection can be. It’s amazing how one person with whom you had such a brief encounter with can have such lasting impact on your life. It’s like a camaraderie that just speaks “I get you”.  It solidifies my belief that certain people are just meant to connect with you in this life and that when it happens, you know it because it just feels right. There is nothing to question.

With all the negativity that surrounds us on a daily, I think it’s even more important to cherish these positive, warm connections that almost act as a protective veil from all the toxicity fostering continued peace and happiness.

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