Dealing with the “Sprinter” Blues

April carved out in snow

Okay, so it’s been an interesting couple of days in Toronto. The entire GTA has been blanketed by unseasonably large amounts of snow and mixed, messy precipitation making for a horrible commute and one of the coldest, wintry April’s I can remember which I’ve dubbed ‘Sprinter’ (Spring and Winter in one). Might as well, right? I mean, we know the weather is typically unsettled and a bit bipolar in April anyway, but to have to haul out the winter coat and shoes again? Nope, didn’t think that would happen.

Earlier this week, a Jays game at the Rogers Centre got canceled due to a falling ice hazard – this is only the second time since 2001 that they’ve had to cancel a game.

According to the news, we had quite the snowy April in 2016, and I do remember a time in 2010 when it flurried in the middle of May! It just seems more and more that spring is becoming a thing of the past and that winter just transitions right into summer!

I remember a time when I would make a point to stow away my winter clothes for the season. Now, with the weather having frequent mood swings, I don’t even put away my winter clothes anymore since there seems to be a need for them all year round!

So how do we deal with the ‘Sprinter’ blues? I feel like this is a different feeling than the regular and expected winter blues simply because it’s not supposed to be this way at this time of the year. It’s not supposed to feel like the dead of winter when its April and spring is meant to be blooming the air.

And with the days getting longer, it makes for a very weird and unsettling feeling when you have those longer periods of daylight being marred by the December-like dreariness and lull in the sky of a prolonged and stubborn winter. In a normal situation, the extended daylight would brighten up your spirits naturally because it’s always a pleasant feeling to step out of your late evening gym class at 9pm and have it still be light out. But when you look at the date on the calendar and then look outside wondering if Christmas has returned eight months early, it can easily throw anyone offside.

The way I try getting through the funkiness of it all is to just be optimistic that this too shall pass, as the saying goes. Dwelling is always worse, so the more I try to keep myself pre-occupied doing other regular activities, the less I allow myself to get too down about it. I just think we need to absorb the fact that winter really doesn’t end until May anymore. 😐

I have to imagine that vacation bookings will skyrocket if this lingers much longer though. (Oh, how a pina colada on the beach sounds so inviting right now!). =)

Stay warm and safe, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Dealing with the “Sprinter” Blues

  1. The weather up there has been crazy. Even in northern parts of the US. Yesterday morning there was frost on my windshield and by the afternoon it was in the 70’s (Fahrenheit). Weird weather all around. Stay warm.

    1. Absolutely! And it paid off this weekend with the lingering sunshine and warm, spring-like weather.. finally! 🙂

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