Dealing with the “Sprinter” Blues

Okay, so it’s been an interesting couple of days in Toronto. The entire GTA has been blanketed by unseasonably large amounts of snow and mixed, messy precipitation making for a horrible commute and one of the coldest, wintry April’s I can remember which I’ve dubbed ‘Sprinter’ (Spring and Winter in one). Might as well, right? … More Dealing with the “Sprinter” Blues


Positive Vibes Come in Many Forms

So this ‘feel good’ moment happened yesterday: a colleague of mine was in the office and I could sense something being off by his demeanor. Of course, I didn’t pry but I then overheard a conversation on the phone and then something about a problem they were facing. (It was hard not to eavesdrop since … More Positive Vibes Come in Many Forms

Too Many Zooz – Raw Talent at its Best

I recently saw the group Too Many Zooz perform in Toronto at the Pheonix Concert Theatre and it was one of the most incredible shows ever. I was fortunate enough to get a spot right near the stage which made the experience even more memorable. Too Many Zooz is a New York City-based group including drummer … More Too Many Zooz – Raw Talent at its Best