Remembering to Take it Easy


It’s officially Family Day long weekend here in Toronto and it couldn’t come fast enough!

Today, I got reminded of how important it is to slow down when life keeps you moving in a dozen different directions. I generally have very hectic days with the myriad of things going on at work and then all the running around I do on a daily basis. I somehow find myself just moving and moving and moving – until my body decides to remind me, that, hey, you’re human. Slow down.

After a busy morning today (for a Friday), and a busy week in general, it all sort of caught up to me early this afternoon when I started feeling overwhelmingly exhausted and just not very good. The feeling came over me rather suddenly and caught me off guard, but I immediately took it as a warning sign that I might be going a bit too strong.

So I took it upon myself to just call it an early day to take some time out for myself. And it turned out that that was exactly what I needed. Sometimes, you just need some time to yourself, away from all the noise, to give yourself a chance to regroup and reset. I just felt that I needed some air, and some time in solitude, and as soon as I had that, I started to feel better.

But it was a stark reminder, that no matter how much we think we might be the energizer bunny, the adrenaline rush won’t last and it will eventually catch up with you. We are all highly depended on in many aspects of our lives, so it becomes that much more important to allow your body and mind to rest and rejuvenate amid all the chaos.

The Value of Sleep

This is also why an adequate amount of sleep is so important. People, including myself, often justify going on less than six hours of sleep on a regular basis thinking that the morning Tim’s and the adrenaline rush from a brain that is constantly on all the time, will keep your body and mind functioning normally.


First off, coffee is not a healthy breakfast and only makes you feel more dehydrated and lethargic, so couple that with a less-than-adequate amount of sleep, and you’ll be wiping tears from yawning every two seconds.

So just remind yourself every now and again to never take the importance of rest for granted, whether it’s taking a moment of solitude out of your day to just get some air and clear your mind, or ensuring that you are getting a proper night’s sleep as regularly as possible. I know we all like to think we are invincible, and we most certainly can be, as long as we remember the value of our health and well-being.

On that note, I should probably take my own advice and get to bed – it’s almost 4am. (But it’s a weekend, in my defence) 😉

Have a super and safe weekend my dear friends!



4 thoughts on “Remembering to Take it Easy

  1. Hey, hope you had a great weekend.

    I remember in university one of my professor started his first lecture by saying, “If you want to get an A in this course, be prepared to sleep less than six hours a night.” I looked at him in dismay. I was never able to function properly with less than 6 hours of sleep, I still can’t.

    I agree with you, sleep and rest is a necessity. I believe I am more productive during the day after a full night’s rest (of 7-8 hrs), compared to running of minimum sleep and trying to cram a lot during my waking hours.

    1. I hope you had a great weekend too dear! I couldn’t agree more. I still struggle with consistency when it comes to getting proper sleep, but I have the best of intentions on making it more of a routine because it becomes so much more important as you get older in order to keep functioning.

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