Pup-Friendly Workplaces? Yes, It’s Actually a Thing

Cute puppy sitting on a desk

Imagine a workplace with the cutest most adorable fur ball as a desk ornament while you work?

Anyone that owns a pet knows how involved the responsibility can be. If you’re unable to or uncomfortable with leaving your pets at home, the costs of pet car can slowly add up. Having your pet with you at work can inadvertently uplift your mood and boost your overall morale. You’ll be happier knowing your furry friend is with you and it will keep your mind more focused on your work then constantly wondering about them.

The love you have for your pet can easily be likened to a child – we know it’s not quite the same, but at the same time it is. While workplaces can’t justify having an army of pre-school children in tow with their parents, a small quiet, harmless dog that sits quietly under your desk, virtually sleeping the entire time who occasionally needs to relieve themselves outside, seems fairly doable, no?

Believe it or not, big companies like Google and Amazon allow their employees to bring their pets to work. Of course, they have strict rules in place to ensure everyone is okay with it and if anyone’s pet misbehaves or leaves a mess, that’s it – they aren’t allowed back.

My workplace has unofficially allowed small well-mannered dogs and it’s always a brighter day when a furry friend is visiting.

Meet Bentley:

Cute dog sitting near owner

This little guy has virtually become the office mascot. He makes an appearance about two to three times a week and makes the walk to and from the communal printer that much more delightful. He doesn’t make a peep but makes it known with those cute beady eyes that he wants some attention if you do pass by. As the photo suggests, he just calmly parks himself near his owner’s desk – probably pondering when he’ll be able to eat next!

And the adorable muffin in my header is Molly, another colleague’s pet who stole everyone’s heart when she visited recently.

As you can imagine, all this excessive cuteness could easily become a constant distraction, so discretion is necessary if you think you’ll have a hard time staying focused. On the same level, your fur friend can serve as the perfect escape mechanism when you are looking for that quick three-minute breather between meetings.

Of course this is a very debatable subject because there are many things to consider: for example, how do you cater to people that might have an allergy to pets or are just generally afraid – no matter how big or small the dog might be? Is it right to put them in a position to feel uncomfortable just for someone else’s convenience?

What if you have a rottweiler or a pitbull? Should dogs with a known aggressive temperament be allowed in a space unfamiliar to them and where they will encounter other dogs? Probably not. The whole point of allowing your pet at the office, is to ensure that having them there will not disrupt with the regular pace of work.

What are your thoughts on this trend? It’s clearly not for every workplace by any means, but it’s certainly a concept to think about.

If your workplace would let you bring your dog to work, would you consider it?

5 thoughts on “Pup-Friendly Workplaces? Yes, It’s Actually a Thing

  1. Yes! More workplaces should allow pets. They are great stress relief and bring people together. I don’t see a downside.

  2. Awww.. it’s Bentley. I hate leaving my puppy at home alone during the day. It breaks my heart every morning. I wish my workplace allowed pets. Unfortunately, it’s no industrialised here, not even children are allowed on the compound, far less for pets. But oh how I wish I could take her everywhere with me.

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