Merry and Bright and Everything Nice – Happy Holidays


It’s Christmas Eve and for the first time in a long while (at least in Toronto), it looks like we might be blessed with a white Christmas. (Yay!)

As I was driving down the street earlier, I noticed a pretty serious car accident (luckily no one appeared to be hurt) but I just thought, what a damper to have that happen on Christmas Eve – but it also served as a reminder, that no matter what day it is on the calendar, life doesn’t stop from happening, and you need to always remain thankful and grateful for all that you have.

I wish all of you a very blessed holiday season. There is a special warmth about this time of the year that brings the feel-good-vibe out in all of us – whether we celebrate Christmas or not. May the essence of the holidays bring you happiness, joy, and peace.

Keep spreading your love, light and positivity into 2018 and beyond.

Much love,




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