What Not to do During the Holiday Rush

Beautiful Christmas tree overlooking the Eaton Centre
Toronto Eaton Centre

With the holiday shopping rush in full swing, I thought it was fitting to re-publish a post from last year on the experience of shopping no longer being what it used to be. Sadly, this is still a problem – one that I became subjected too over the weekend as I was basically verbally attacked inside a shop at the mall within about five minutes of entering.

To our dedicated sales personnel, please, let us remind you that as consumers, we already have an intention to either make a purchase or just have a look around and don’t need you hovering around us like fruit flies as we try to browse. This tactic will not only cause the consumer irritation but also probably cause them to leave without buying anything! Give us your spiel once and then leave us alone. If we have questions, we will come find you. I get that sales reps have quotas to meet, but you won’t get very far if a potential buyer cannot just shop in peace and at their own pace. If you just let customers be, you will not only end up with a sale or two under your name, but more importantly, a happy and satisfied customer.

So let’s remember to treat customers as much as not as potential prey, otherwise the whole concept of malls and going into stores to shop will be a thing of the past!

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Also, while we are on the subject of shopping, here is a great link for holiday gift ideas for under $50.

Happy shopping! 🙂



3 thoughts on “What Not to do During the Holiday Rush

  1. Ugh, I thought I was the only one who couldn’t stand it when sales rep follow me around. I also don’t like to be swayed into buying something. I enjoy my space and time to carefully choose what I want, especially around the holidays. Great post.

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