And just like that, it’s December

Message on Positive Change

December has officially arrived and we are that much closer to saying goodbye to 2017.  So much has happened this year that I don’t even know where to start. But the one thing I am truly thankful for in 2017 is the degree of positive change that has taken place.

Change is key to progression in life and 2017 was definitely a year of self-realization, improvement and continued growth.

I gave up on making new years resolutions a long time ago because I feel that it actually stagnates you from trying to better your life because you force yourself to be bounded by specific dates. A promise you make to yourself on Jan. 1 will likely be forgotten about by Feb.1 because the inadvertent timeline you end up putting on your personal goals keeps you from actually achieving them at your own pace.  One might argue that the timeline helps kick you into gear which is partly true, but it’s the intention that really matters. If mentally you’re not completely there and focused, then no timeline will help you get any further ahead.

That’s why I’ve become an advocate for taking a more fluid approach to achieving a healthier well-being. Instead of dwelling so much on the year itself, look at it more as another chapter in your book of life. Focus less on the number and more on the quality of your life. Think ahead to your future self and live your life now as you would in the future. Make the choices now that will help support that life. Having the right mindset and intention is the ultimate driving force necessary for the continuous changes needed to help foster and healthy, happy lifestyle.

Become a Magnet for Positivity

Along with a strong and focused mindset is the need to surround yourself with positive people. Gravitate to those that make you feel good about yourself –  whose energy is positive, pure and up-lifting. You might surprise yourself at who this special group of people ends up being. I personally am so humbled to have met some amazing souls over the past few years that I felt like I have known in a past life. That’s a connection too deep to ignore, and believe me, you’ll just know.

As you continue to embrace this lifestyle bounded by peace and positivity, you’ll find yourself having little to no time to dwell on those bad apples that you’ve had to distance yourself from over time. Positive energy has an incredible way of pushing out the negative energy.

So as we enter the homestretch of 2017, let’s continue writing our book of life and form a new chapter with blank pages eagerly waiting to be filled with a new set of adventures, memories and milestones.

What are your thoughts on new year’s resolutions? Do you still believe in them? Why or why not? 


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8 thoughts on “And just like that, it’s December

  1. Good post, Sarah, and I know what you’re saying. Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to accomplish something by a certain date, that we almost ruin our own chances for success. Also, I agree in the importance of being around positive people and making good choices.

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