When Life Knocks You Down, Learn From It Before Moving Forward

Eat Right written in vegetables

This past week was a bit challenging to say the least. I spent the better part of the week fighting a hurricane inside my stomach. Not fun. Yet at the same time, I underwent an unexpected, yet much needed transformation.

All this time, I was grossly taking for granted what I was eating and at which times of the day I was consuming food. I would eat anything and everything at any given time of the day. I’ve also had this very unhealthy habit of pigging out on dill pickle chips because I’m basically addicted to them and then dismissing the stomach aches that would ensue after eating too much.

Well all of that changed last week when I had the worst possible night of stomach issues and my body basically telling me, “Ok Sarah, enough is enough, apparently you need to learn the hard way” and boy did I! I ended up having to take a sick day because I just felt awful. It really knocked me down and gave me a much-needed reality check about being so non-chalant about what I’ve been eating. Sure, you might feel okay at the time when you are indulging in all kinds of stuff, but when it comes time for your body to actually digest that circus that you’ve eaten, that’s when the true consequences of your neglect come to light.

As someone who is so passionate about fitness and being active, you would think that I would have the whole healthy eating pattern down pat – but sadly I am no different from the next person who keeps pushing their bodies beyond their limits, thinking that a high metabolism is a free ticket to ravage their insides without any repercussions.

So the whole debacle really made me appreciate how fragile our bodies really are – especially as we get older. And with the daily chaos of life, it’s hard being down and out even for a day or two – because everything gets thrown off that quickly – and the stress of being dysfunctional even for a day made me feel even worse, but at the same time made me determined to make some real changes.

Some of those changes were unexpected yet welcoming: for example, since then, I’ve had little to no desire for coffee when it’s usually the first thing I crave every morning. This could be a short-lived feeling, but I could get used to it. I’ve been drinking more juice and tea which are much easier on the tummy.

I’ve also broken up with that bag of dill pickle chips which now leads a lonely existence tucked away in the kitchen cupboard. I could throw it out, but I’m not quite there yet. 🙂

Also, before I was taught my lesson, I had this bad habit of eating all kinds of nonsense right up until going to bed. Now, I make sure I’ve ceased eating completely at least one or two hours before bed to allow my stomach to settle.  It has already made a world of a difference. If my stomach could talk, I’m sure it would say “thank you”. I would think it’s better to go to bed slightly hungry anyway because that way you’ll likely be hungrier in the morning and might actually want to have something called breakfast – which is supposedly the most important meals of the day and the one meal I either never make time for or never actually want. To date, my “breakfast” has consisted of just a medium double-double which is probably not the healthiest of options (insert sarcasm). Now I’m really trying to make strides in not only making the time to have breakfast but also to want to have it.

I’m also making sure my portions are smaller so that I don’t overeat at any given time and can allow my body to more comfortably digest everything. I’ve still got a long way to go in terms perfecting these habits, but it’s a start.

Overall, it was a harrowing yet humbling experience and proved to be a stark reinforcement of how important our eating habits truly are to our overall health and really gave me a renewed sense of appreciation for my body.

With love,


Do you have your own tips on eating healthy and responsibly? I would love to hear them.


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5 thoughts on “When Life Knocks You Down, Learn From It Before Moving Forward

  1. There are a lot of people that are saying that we should be going on the vegan diet since we are supposed to be vegetarians. I am not convinced of this idea although the science does show that the vegan diet is the healthiest. I have a couple of friends who went on the vegan diet and they lost weight and look really healthy.
    I can’t say that the idea of giving up meat is a benefit, but I would say that it would be good for someone to consider more healthy eating strategies.

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. Yes for sure there are many health benefits to going vegan but it has to make sense for a person’s lifestyle as it isn’t the easiest thing to adapt too. I think the most important thing is to just be conscious of how much you are eating and keep your portions reasonable. If you’re a meat-eater, keep track of your red meat consumption – make sure you’re eating enough poultry and fish to off set it, etc. No matter what type of diet you have, you just need you’re own set of rules to follow that diet to keep yourself on track. As the saying goes, too much of anything is never good for you.

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