Conquer Your Fears By Facing Them

As humans, we naturally fear certain things in life – fear is either innate or put into our heads because of our upbringing, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that fear really is a choice and has everything to do with your perception of a situation. I’ll give you what you might view as … More Conquer Your Fears By Facing Them


Thanksgiving – A Time to Reflect

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada! A time to congregate with family and friends and an excuse to indulge on a delicious meal. The weather has been particularly pleasant in Toronto this weekend – not too cold and not too warm – setting the perfect tone for an Autumn holiday. I wanted to take this … More Thanksgiving – A Time to Reflect

Kindness Has No Boundaries

Today, I woke up to the unfortunate news of yet another tragedy – this time in Las Vegas. A gunman opened fire on a large outdoor crowd killings dozens and wounding several others. The senseless violence is simply inexplainable – I am always at a loss for words as to why these things happen. However, … More Kindness Has No Boundaries