Welcome, Fall


After a rare heat wave in September, where we saw summer-like temperatures, fall made its presence known with a vengeance last night when the temperature rapidly dipped to under 10 degrees. This morning, the darkened skies also signified the onset of autumn with the cool breeze and the sun forcing its way through the morning clouds.

Normally I struggle every year to adapt to the change with the days getting shorter and the prospect of it feeling like it’s 10pm when it’s only 4, but this year was different – I embraced it a lot more. I’ve always found the beauty in fall with the incredible transformation of the leaves, but I’ve also always allowed myself to get into this funk due to the lack of sunnier days and colder, darker months.

You would think that after the mediocre summer that we had with the thermostat barely going beyond the 30-degree mark, it would have been a no-brainer to get down in the dumps again, but this time I might have had my own little epiphany: the seasons changing is a reality of life – it’s part of nature –  and instead of complaining about something we deal with ever year, a better approach is to take each day as it comes and be completely grateful for the life you have, no matter how imperfect it may be, and just embrace the privilege of having another day on this planet.

So in my quest to maintain a positive outlook, I decided to celebrate Fall by taking a trip to the dollar store and picking up some cute Fall decor to spruce things up. It’s amazing how much joy one can get out of a plastic pumpkin and fake leaves!


Plus, of course there are so many other enjoyable things about this time of the year: thanksgiving, costume parties (if you’re into halloween), and numerous other autumn-themed events that give you a reason to smile and spend quality time with family and friends.

It all made me realize that you really don’t have to fall victim to S.A.D (Seasonal Affected Disorder) if you don’t allow it to. It’s all in your perception and the way you choose to think. If you choose to see the good in something, you will.

Fall, bring it on!


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