Welcome, Fall

After a rare heat wave in September, where we saw summer-like temperatures, fall made its presence known with a vengeance last night when the temperature rapidly dipped to under 10 degrees. This morning, the darkened skies also signified the onset of autumn with the cool breeze and the sun forcing its way through the morning … More Welcome, Fall


They Unsubcribed – Now What?

With all the ‘noise’ on the web these days, it’s no surprise that ‘mail jail’ has become a much more common occurrence. In Canada, anti-spam laws are in place to help regulate how often people get inundated with unwanted communications. Most email platforms include the mandatory opt out button, along with the option to provide … More They Unsubcribed – Now What?

September 11 – A Day of Remembrance in Many Ways

Today felt like a day in mid-July with the sun shining bright and for ONCE, not a drop of rain. When I took a walk earlier, it was so refreshing to just feel the warm breeze and soak in the sun’s rays. But it was a bittersweet feeling given the day that it was. No … More September 11 – A Day of Remembrance in Many Ways

Reflect, Reminisce But Don’t Regret

Too often we go through everyday life chasing our bliss – that ideal reality that never seems to materialize. I think this yearning becomes even more apparent the older we get and the more aware we become of our mortality. However, at the same time, it can also be very detrimental to constantly chase after … More Reflect, Reminisce But Don’t Regret