“What Resonates With You, May Not With Others. Don’t Disrupt Your Peace By Forcing Them to See Things Your Way.”


When I came across this quote recently, it really struck me because it spoke right to me.

Peace truly comes in different forms for everyone  – whether it be through prayer, through just being in the presence of loved ones, engaging in a particular hobby, etc. People that get you, won’t question why you are passionate about something, even if it’s a passion they don’t share or understand. They will simply respect you for finding solace in your own special way – it might even inspire them.

For example, one way I get peace is in solitude. Sometimes, just having some time to yourself, lost in your own thoughts, is exactly what you need to restore your peace from the chaos of everyday life.

On the same token, surrounding yourself by the right people – whether it be loved ones or close friends –  who encourage your peace rather than disrupting it, also helps. But others that fall outside of that realm may not fully understand that. They may not get why you don’t want to chat on the phone or engage in a text messaging conversation. They won’t understand that sometimes, the infiltration of others can feel like ‘noise’ and only make you feel even more agitated. They may not understand where you’re coming from and take it the wrong way, and while that is unfortunate, you should not have to disturb your peace by having to adapt to a certain way of being just to appease others. You can only hope that they will eventually get it.

So let this be just a friendly reminder to always surround yourself by those that truly get you and your way of getting peace without disrupting that peace in the process.

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What’s your source of peace? Please share your thoughts.



2 thoughts on ““What Resonates With You, May Not With Others. Don’t Disrupt Your Peace By Forcing Them to See Things Your Way.”

  1. Sadly, too many of us surround ourselves with people who don’t get us and don’t promote peace in our life. Why we do it, I don’t know, but I suspect we want to feed their need for chaos and hardship.
    My peace comes on the bicycle when I am in the groove. My peace comes when I am riding the bus and there is a moment when I have closed the book I am reading and no one is making enough noise to disturb me.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, peace comes in so many forms and we should do our best to hang onto that as much as we can. I also get peace from being surrounded by the right people, whether it’s loved ones or good friends – it’s about the positive energy and just being in sync with each other. 🙂

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