The Quest to Happiness: The Battle is the Bliss


Let’s face it: life can be quite the roller coaster ride with its ups and downs and twists and turns – and the ride only gets more daring as you get older. Sometimes, it can be a daily challenge just to stay afloat.

But what always keeps me grounded is always remembering that true happiness really does not come in the form of a dollar bill.

I met up with an old friend today and we commiserated about life and independent living and such, and it was so humbling to be reminded of the fact that it is truly not a rat race out there. There is no finish line.

Yes, of course, we all need money to get by – but what kind of life would it be to just be swimming in money and have no one by your side? Or on the other hand, handling a boatload of debt all by yourself? A life with just yourself and money is a meaningless one, quite frankly, but a life with financial comfort that you can experience, enjoy, and share with your loved ones is a fabulous and fulfilling one. And by financial comfort, I mean living within your means – however that may be. It’s about finding contentment in just being surrounded by your loved ones and in the simplicities of life instead of wasting each precious day feverishly chasing for a non-existent “bliss”. The bliss is now, in the present. To me, that exudes true happiness.

Always remember, there is no finish line. Everyone has their path and their own timeline – and honestly, as long as your fighting the battle together (I don’t like the word struggle), that is truly all that matters. The battle is the bliss. God Bless.

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