See Past the Gloominess and Create Your Own Sunshine

Thought this might be worthy of a reblog considering the gloomy, rainy, and foggy start that we’ve had to May!

Sarah Warsi


This week felt especially blah considering it began with Blue Monday – a day categorized as the most depressing day of the year, and it ended with Trump’s inauguration today.


Plus, the fact that we saw absolutely no sunshine in the GTA only added to the blah-ness.

I find it harder to stay motivated when there is a lack of sunshine, a common challenge for many of us. I find that matter what you’re going through in life, sunshine has the power to uplift your spirits. Feel free to take a look at a previous post on this.

So how do you stay positive when Mr. Sunshine is hiding behind the clouds?

Daily Motivation – Start the day off with daily blog posts and motivational literature. One of my personal favourites is the Seeds4Life – a vibrant blog rich with posts on how to stay positive, inspired and motivated to…

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2 thoughts on “See Past the Gloominess and Create Your Own Sunshine

    1. Yes it’s been a very gray start to May! I actually still have my winter tires on! And I’ve seen many other cars on the road with them still on too. But I will be getting them off soon. lol It’s just crazy how much longer it takes for it to actually feel like summer. :S lol

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