The Power of the Elevator Greeting

people inside an elevator

Today I was humbled by just the simple act of being polite. 

I find that among many other reasons to be in an elevator, if you live in a building, the elevator is the one spot where you will be forced to spend a few moments with strangers in a confined space, but all with a common goal: embarking on a brand new day to face the world and tackle life’s challenges head on.

I find that spending those few moments exchanging a friendly smile and eye contact can do wonders for your morning mood. What is even nicer is when they make a point to actually say “hello” or “have a good day” to you.

Today, I was warmly greeted by a lady in the elevator who then wished me a good day as she went off. Then coming back up the elevator in the evening, I was greeted by yet another kind lady who exchanged a warm glance with me and then wished me a good evening as I was leaving the elevator.

I feel that the measure of a person’s character is shown in their ability to show kindness towards a stranger and wish them well. You never know what someone might be going through, and that simple act of kindness could be just what someone needs to brighten their day.

This is something I’m not used to, but certainly not complaining. It’s incredibly refreshing to see such small acts of kindness among strangers – all going about their own lives, but all the while having good intentions for the people around them. This is the formula for circulating more positive energy into the world.


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